New Video: Behind the Scenes in the Studio with Composer Paul Brill

Short film documenting the recording session from the film, “The Only Real Game.” Recorded at Avatar Studios, NYC

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Music composed and produced by Paul Brill; Additional Music by Elizabeth Ziman
Soundtrack available:
Elizabeth Ziman – Voice, Piano
Antoine Silverman – Violin
Anja Wood – Cello
Andrew Sterman – Bansuri, Alto Flute
Camila Celin – Sarod
Bill Ruyle – Santoor
Erin Hill – Harp
Additional Recording by Robert L. Smith at Avatar Studios, NYC

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Directed and Animated by Michael Arthur

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Paul Collaborates with U2

Paul recently composed a new string arrangement for an acoustic version of the classic U2 song, “Walk On,” as part of his score for the upcoming HBO film, BURMA SOLDIER

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Paul Brill Interview with legendary director Ondi Timoner.

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Paul Brill receives Emmy Nomination

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Paul’s original score to the acclaimed film, FULL BATTLE RATTLE, was recently nominated for an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Achievement in a Craft: Music.”

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Joan Rivers Film Features Paul Brill’s Original Score

Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work
Joan Rivers’ highly acclaimed film, “A Piece Of Work,” is now available on DVD and features Paul Brill’s original score

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