Photo by DB Leonard



“A demure opus that serves as a testament to the enduring potency of classical pop songwriting… virulently catchy…” 

“Brill’s score is memorably chilling, sounding notes of purest dread.”

“Thoughtful and arresting..

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. Brill’s defining moment.” 

“…could have been the soundtrack to a lost Wes Anderson film.” 

“Stunning.” 4 stars 

“A cool glass of summer pop… smartly layered beneath these ridiculously smooth surfaces, making the dissonance that much more satisfying.”
8.5 stars (out of 10)

“Brill’s quiet score whispers instead of yells… on all counts, sets the right tone.”


“One of the most sophisticated, yet subtle, indie songwriters around.” 

“One of the most compelling and stunning albums released in 2004.”